Olive & Stripes

The fall colors are in full swing and I have definitely been taking advantage of the long sweaters, booties and fall tones. With the start of a new season, I have been trying to build myself more of a capsule wardrobe and have been really leaning towards more basic pieces. I have been so sick of putting away my wardrobe at the end of a season, only to find that when I pull it out for the next year that everything feels outdated or…say it with me… “so last season”. I have really wanted to focus more on buying pieces that I can wear into winter or spring and easily purchase just a few new items as the weather changes to mix and match with my more basic pieces to make them feel fresh and new again. I have cleaned out my closet(s), over and over again, only to find that I always just lean towards those more simplistic options. For this outfit, I paired a basic black and white tee, high waisted Levi jeans, tan booties and a cardigan with a pop of autumn green. While the first three pieces fit more into the “basics” category, the green cardigan makes it fall appropriate with its longer length, ribbed detailing and pretty color. I am hoping that by being more mindful of the pieces I am buying each season, I won’t be constantly switching out items (and eventually getting rid of them) as often as I currently am! What do you tend to do…Do you lean towards more basic or trendy items?



Stripe Tee | Green Long Cardigan- SOLD OUT – Similar | Green Cardi SIMILAR | Booties | Jeans

Weekend to Work

If you have been following me for awhile, I am sure that you know that I tend to lean towards more casual outfits. While a majority of the time these are the types of outfits I tend to blog about, during my work week I actually wear a lot of business casual clothing. You know, black pants, dresses, pencil skirts.. AKA… no jeans. When I am shopping for these types of outfits, I like to pick pieces that can easily transition from the office to the weekend or vice versa. For this particular outfit, I dressed up neutral flannel top, canvas jacket and some brown booties with a plain black pencil skirt. While I would typically just throw this outfit on with some jeans and call it good for the weekend, the pencil skirt takes it up a level, making it more than office appropriate. To do this, just take a more casual style top, pair it with a dresser pair of pants or skirt, add some accessories and finish it with a pair of office appropriate shoes. Pretty easy, right? What types of clothing do you usually wear for your work week? Do you also buy items that you can transition from weekend to work week?



Pencil Skirt | Gray Plaid Shirt | Fendi Glasses | Quilted Crossbody- OLD- Similar -| Brown Booties- OLD- Similar – | Jacket -OLD- Similar Styles, Other Color Options

Mix and Match: From Summer to Fall

Happy September! It’s been a bit since I have posted on here, but with the hot summer weather turning into crisp fall mornings, I have been inspired to start transitioning my summer basics into fall staples and I feel like I must share with you guys! Who doesn’t love fall outfits, am I right?

I recently went to Target and literally filled my cart with fall-must-haves. Every rack I thumbed through and every corner I turned had something “I needed”. From the adult backpack to the camel booties and let’s not forget all of the chic accessories.. I just kept finding more and more things to pile in my cart..and boy did I pile high!

Once I got home, and had a mini heart attack about all of the things I bought (mostly because I just cleaned out my closet and donated a ton of things to make room for the things I ALREADY didn’t have room for… YOLO) I sat down and had a mix and match session with all of my current closet favorites and all of my new fall finds. Once I got my basic outfit together, I accessorized with some of the fun fall pieces that I picked up. For this outfit, I paired my black t-shirt dress (a summer staple) with a long oatmeal cardigan and camel colored booties. To add that fall flair, I finished the look with a brown Panama hat, gold statement earrings and a fun charcoal gray backpack. I can’t wait to show you some more of my fall looks I created this month! Target definitely has their fall game on point this year. Have you found any must haves yet this season? I want to see them, so please share!



Backpack Purse | Panama Hat | Earrings | Dress |Cardigan – SOLD OUT – Similar | booties

Oh Hey Vaycay: Destination Palm Springs

This last weekend, we flew down to California and spent some time in Palm Springs. Our friends had rented a house for the week and invited us to meet up with them. Um, did you say Palm Springs? Yeah, that didn’t take a lot of convincing.

I had never been to Palm Springs before, but it has always been at the top of my travel list. I am super obsessed with mid-century architecture, and boy o’ boy is this the place to go for it. All of the neighborhoods are pretty picture perfect. I could literally drive around looking at all of the colorful, one-of-a-kind doors and perfectly landscaped yards for hours. I mean, talk about real life #inspo for our own mid-century home. Aside from the houses, the hotels are just as dreamy and full of character, amazing food and endless Instagram photo ops. I felt like I was on a movie set with the mountain backdrop, colorful outfits and beautiful people. If I could just live in a Palm Spring bubble forever, I totally would.

Before we left for our trip, I had put together a list of all of the things I wanted to do while I was there. We spent a total of three days in Palm Springs. There were some road trips, colorful mountains, flamingo floaties, delicious cocktails, mid-century architecture and maybe one or two jumping cholla cactus run-ins. We definitely got around during our time in the desert.

Day One

Mid Century Neighborhood Tour

          Norma’s at The Parker Hotel

      Salvation Mountain

       Salton Sea

On Friday morning, we drove from Pasadena to Palm Springs. Since we had reservations at Norma’s and were headed to the city of color, I decided to wear a vibrant striped jumpsuit, perfect for a brunch on the patio.  We arrived in Palm Springs about an hour before our reservation time, so we decided to drive around and look at some of the mid century neighborhoods before hand. Every. single. house. was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Some of the coolest houses are located in the Indian Canyon neighborhood. We went to the “That Pink Door” house and the “Party Lions” house, which is complete with two lion statues that get decorated differently every few days. I don’t think there is one house in that neighborhood that disappoints. It is definitely a mid-century lovers dream, so walk through the neighborhood and take in all of the vibes.

After we toured the Indian Canyon neighborhood, We headed back to Norma’s, which is located inside of the Parker Hotel. They do have street parking at the Parker, but it is super crowded, so we decided to go with valet parking. We walked through the famous orange doors and were instantly awed by the eclectic décor. The hotel is designed by Jonathan Adler and it absolutely amazing. From the inside to the outside, this place is a piece of art. The details that have gone into every nook and cranny of this place are so unique; the colorful vases, the owl macramé’ and the stylish seating, as someone who appreciates some good décor, I was definitely in design heaven.

Once we were seated on the patio under colorful umbrellas at Norma’s, the waiters greeted us with two shots of their daily smoothie special. It was a berry smoothie made with honey and it was delicious! The patio is bright and filled with happy colorful seating, bridal parties, couples and families alike and the menu is full of classic picks with a twist. I ordered a peach bellini, crunchy french toast and Thomas ordered a breakfast quesada filled with bacon, eggs, salsa, guacamole and Monterey cheese. One thing that I wasn’t expecting when I made the reservations for Norma’s was that the portion sizes would be so large, they were insane! My french toast was stacked about 5″ high, and neither of us could finish our meals, which isn’t a bad problem to have when you are spending about $30 on french toast. The staff was also super friendly and always made sure that we had what we needed, without being too over the top. They even offered to take a photo of the both of us, which obvi we took them up on. The next time that we are in town, we will definitely be coming back to The Parker Hotel to brunch at Norma’s, or who knows, maybe even have a nightcap at Mister Parkers

After we left Norma’s, we were ready to take on the desert heat. We decided to take a road trip to Salvation Mountain, which is about an hour and a half from Palm Springs. We cranked up the music and the AC and rocked out during our drive there. If you are using GPS through google maps, make sure to put in your destination as “Salvation Mountain”, and it should take you right there. I made the mistake of putting in an exact address and we got turned around a few times. The drive to Niland, where Salvation Mountain is located, is a definitely an interesting one. You start out on the freeway, and the road kind of goes through all of the stages of life. Eventually, you are driving on a super old damaged road, which then turns into a dirt road. You also pass by a lot of interesting stops, such as a border patrol check-point, the Salton Sea and quite a few ghost towns. Once you arrive, you can spot a few campers in tents, rainbow buses and old airstream trailers. I’m not sure the middle-of-no-where- desert is where I would want to camp out, but to each their own! Once you arrive at Salvation Mountain, It is actually pretty stunning. I cant believe that somebody made this crazy colorful mountain out adobe, straw and paint. Its pretty amazing to walk around and take in. A lot of people that we ran into were visiting from all different countries. One family was from France, another from China, so people really are coming from all over the world to see this 32 year old piece of art. For me, I would say that the drive from Palm Springs is definitely worth it at least once in your lifetime, and the memories and stories that come from the drive are definitely incentive alone!

After we left Salvation Mountain, we decided to stop at one of the view points for the Salton Sea. I mean really, you cant drive all that way, be that close, and not stop! We got out of our car and walked down onto the coarse salt banks to the water. It was so quiet and peaceful, so we just sat there on the edge of the sea for awhile and took it all in. The water isn’t anything that I would want to swim in, but the tranquility and gentle ripples of the water was such an odd, but beautiful sight.

Day Two

Saguaro Hotel

Lunch at El Jefe

Moorten Botanical Garden

BBQ + Pool Time

During our second day in Palm Springs, we really wanted to just hang by the pool and relax, so we decided to spend the morning exploring. We decided to go check out the Saguaro Hotel and eat lunch at their bar, El Jefe. Something that is cool about The Saguaro Hotel is that you can actually buy day passes to their pool and enjoy the colorful surroundings. The hotel is like a rainbow you just can’t get enough of, and as someone who use to pray for rainbows every night as a child, for the second time in Palm Springs, I was on cloud nine. The lobby is also  full of tables games, neon lights and fun furniture and every exterior door is painted in a different color, its pretty hard to not want to stay there! 

The Hotel bar, El Jefe also has a really cool vibe to it.  It is a Mexican restaurant decorated with western art, wooden tables and barstools, leather bucket chairs, cacti, succulent plants and to top it off, is stocked with a full tequila bar. For lunch, we ordered guacamole, which was AMAZZINNG, fish tacos, nachos and watermelon margaritas! 

After lunch, we headed to Moorten Botanical Garden. You have to park on the street to get into this place, and it looked pretty busy when we pulled up. We were able to snag the last parking spot and headed in. The entrance fee is $5, but definitely worth it. Once you enter, they give you a map of the different areas you can roam around in and they also have plants for purchase, and different animals to observe such as turtles, birds andlizards running around. They also have a really cool cactiterrium that you don’t want to miss out on! If I wasn’t flying home, I would have taken home so many plant babies with me! On a side note, beware of the jumping Cholla Cactus! One of our friends barely grazed one and a little cactus ball broke off into his hand. It took about 10 minutes, some deep breaths (a few laughs and Instagram videos from us) a suggestion to go to the ER, and many pricks  later for him to get it out. The scary thing about the Jumping Cholla is that they have the barbed spines, sort of like a fish hook, so it kept digging in deeper and deeper into his skin. We definitely watched a few YouTube videos about them on the car ride home. Who knew a botanical garden would be filled with so much fun and entertainment. Ha!

After our botanical garden excitement, we headed back to the house for an afternoon filled with sun, unicorn and flamingo floaties, the boys cooking up steaks on the grill, some rose for the girls and some of the best flashback songs from the 90’s and 2000’s. The house that we stayed at had an awesome pool, so it was nice to just hang out around the house without anywhere to be and just enjoy good friends, good food and the heat of the sun.

Day Three

 Morning by the pool

Brunch at the Ace Hotel

Lunch at In N Out

Windmill Exploring

Desert Hills Outlets

On our final day we woke up pretty early and enjoyed the last few hours we had at the house next to the pool. We made fruit bowls for breakfast and just lounged for a few hours until it was time to pack up our suitcases and head back to LA to catch our flight. 

For brunch, I had attempted to make reservations for us at the Kings Highway Diner, which is located at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, a couple of days prior to our leave date, but everything was booked on open table. It was Mothers Day, so I image many people made reservations to take their moms out to brunch that day. Thus, I didn’t end up making it to the Ace, but I have heard such great things about this place that it will definitely be on my list of places to visit when I come back in the future. So take this tip, make reservations for all of your must have eat places and don’t end up like me! Luckily, this is my one and only Palm Springs regret. 

Since we didn’t make it to the Ace for brunch, we had to make at least one trip to In-N-Out while we there. One of our friends that we were with had never been to an In-N-Out before, so we couldn’t deprive her! Even with it being her first visit, she ordered like a pro and even opted for some animal fries. We asked her what she thought and  she said she enjoyed her lunch, but that her verdict was that Shake Shack is better. Oh well, we tried!

After we got back from In-N-Out we said our goodbyes, grabbed our suitcases and jumped in the rental car and headed out of town. On our way, we decided to take a detour and go off-roading to get an up close view of the wind mills. I was a little freaked out because even though it is off of the freeway, it is pretty deserted and has a lot of brush around, and hello, rattlesnakes! It is also extremely windy. I mean, I knew it was a windmill farm, but I could barely open by door! The windmills are pretty awesome though. They go on for miles and miles and definitely make for some awesome photos! After the windmills, we stopped at the outlets. I could literally spend hours at these things. They have some really great stores and such a variety! I would recommend going to them on your way to Palm Springs and picking up a cute outfit to wear for your trip!

Well, that wraps up our weekend in Palm Springs! We had such a great time and the weather was so nice. The colorful atmosphere, mid-century architecture, delicious food and trendy people make it such a fun place to be and I definitely wouldn’t mind going back in the hopefully near-future… Until we meet again, Palm Springs, until we meet again.

Photos of King’s Highway Diner were found on @kingshighwaydiner Instagram Feed and are not my original content.

My Top 5 Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the questions that I get asked the most is which Health and Fitness Apps I use on a regular basis. Now, I of all people definitely know that everyone has a different lifestyle and what may work for one person, might not work for another. In my own health and fitness journey, I’ve gone through several different phases. I’ve gone from a gym rat, to a stay at home mom who would work out in her living room, to a busy working career woman who is always exhausted by the time I get home. What I have learned through each phase is to take advice, try out lots of different things, and find what works best for me. After several years, I have found that these 5 apps are my tried and true, and that I seem to return to them over and over again:

My Fitness Pal: This is the app that I use when I really want to get back on track. Counting calories really helps me see what my daily intake is and gives me a better perspective on what my portion sizes should be. It helps me realistically look at food as fuel and how to better my  daily nutrition. One of the things that I love about My Fitness Pal is that you can post progress photos to keep you motivated and they also have some really great articles and recipes within the app to try as well!

Apple Fitness App: For the longest time, I had a Polar watch that I would track my heart rate with. I made the switch to an Apple watch recently and have never looked back. Within the fitness app, you can track your daily activity, your workouts, heart rate and calories burned. You can also keep track of how many miles you have walked or ran during each session. This watch motivates me to keep moving during the day and there’s no better feeling than getting those activity rings closed throughout the day, am I right?!

Music App: You have to have some sort of music app to keep your workouts going strong. Whether it is Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify or a YouTube account, this is an absolute must. Put together a workout playlist with your favorite pump up songs to keep you turnt up. You’d be surprised what a playlist can do to keep your heart rate up!

Pinterest: This App is so full of inspiration!  You can pin everything from cute workout apparel (like the Ellie Activewear April collection I am wearing below) to deliciously healthy recipes and meal plans, to new workout regimens and inspiring quotes. There are even guides for local hikes to add to your bucket list. You can also sort everything into different categories to easily go back and find that pin once you have saved it. Happy Pinning!

Sworkit: This is a great App for on the go. If you don’t have a ton of time or any gym equipment, this is a good App to get you moving. You can choose different types of moves that you want to do, along with the amount of time you have to workout and boom, a quick but effective workout right in your hotel room.

There you have it, my top 5 apps that I use on a regular basis. Do any of you already use these apps or have any thoughts on them? I would love to hear what apps that you use on a regular basis!



Outfit: Ellie Activewear April Collection


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Spring Basics

Every year after winter has passed, I seem to go on a mini shopping spree. I get so excited about the weather change that I cant resist adding new pieces to my wardrobe. Lately, I have been trying to incorporate more pieces that I can easily take from weekend to work. I love being able to take a few items and restyle them into many outfits for different occasions. On this particular shopping trip, I stuck to the basics. For this look, I paired a cream and navy striped cardigan with a white body suit, gray denim jeans and a pair of nude heels. I can easily switch this look into work mode by simply switching out the gray denim with a pair of black skinny trousers, the nude heels with pointed flats and then accessorize this look with a belt to finish. Switching up your looks from weekend to work can be a pretty easy transition if you start with the basics. Just add a couple of cardigans, a white and gray tee, a cotton dress and a few different pant options such as jeans, colored denim and trousers to your wardrobe and you can easily have 10-12 options for your next date night, meeting or weekend get together. Sounds pretty simple, right?

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Heart yourself: 5 ways to encourage self-love in your life

L’amour de soi



self love

One of the most important things we can do on a daily basis is to show ourselves some love. Sometimes we get so caught up in the happenings of life, that we forget to be in a relationship with one of the most important beings in our lives…OURSELVES. I know it sounds ridiculous and maybe a little narcissistic, but honestly; if we can’t be in a loving and nurturing relationship with our own self, how in the world are we to show someone else those qualities? There ain’t no faking it until you make it in love, especially with yourself.

So, what are some different ways you can start to show yourself some self-love? Here are 5 ways to start incorporating them into your daily grind.

1. Nurture Yourself

Remember that you are in a relationship with yourself. If you never take the time to nurture that relationship, how are you going to nurture others? Fill your mind, body and soul with uplifting things. Take notice of the things you do well instead of criticizing the ones you need to work on. Write yourself encouraging messages or put bible verses on your mirror, find healthy meals or snacks to energize your body. Take interest and further explore the things that nurture your soul.

2. Treat Yo’ Self

I love to treat myself to different things throughout the month, whether that be an at home pampering session with a bubble bath and mask after a long work day, a mani-pedi, a coffee treat or even a shopping trip. Find things that make you feel good and take yourself on mini dates. Maybe for you that’s a rock climbing session or a day trip to your favorite museum. Whatever it is, find time for it and put time into yourself.

3. Protect Yourself

Another way to show yourself love and respect is to set boundaries not only with yourself, but with others. So many people have that “people pleaser” mentality. While wanting to help others isn’t a negative thing per se, know your boundaries and stick to them. If it comes down to it, don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by saying no. Unfortunately, sometimes people need to be told no. Show them that you know your worth and your limits. If you’re not comfortable doing it, then don’t.

4. Find Your Tribe

Search for the people that bring encouragement and laughter into your life and distance yourself from the negative ones. Being around friends and family that genuinely care for you and your well-being is such an amazing feeling. Surround yourself with your tribe and know that it is ok to have different friends for different things. Everyone is going through a different season in life and may be able to give you different insights to things such as interior design, hiking adventures or more serious issues such as marriage or parenting. Surrounding yourself with a tribe that is encouraging and supportive to one another is powerful . Make time for the important people in your life and be sure to lift them up as well.

Find Your Happy Place

Find the things that make you happy. What are some activities that always lift your mood? Is it yoga, hiking, cooking, zoning out to the television? For me, it’s working out. When I don’t do it I am cranky and irritable. It’s my one hour a night that I put in the work. My earphones go on, my mind zones out and it’s nothing but pure bliss for that one hour. Taking the time to be in your happy place, even if it’s only for an hour is what keeps you sane. Spending that time on yourself is what helps you become a better daughter, friend, spouse and mother. If you are so busy taking care of everyone else, who’s going to take care of you? No one knows you like yourself, so find your happy place and gallivant there.

Being able to show yourself self-love will affect every other aspect of your life. With self-love comes self respect, confidence and a more present self awareness. Find the things that make you tick and go for it. Show yourself your worth and don’t be afraid to let go of the people who may not see it along the way. Find your happy place and travel there often. The more love you put into yourself, the more you will be able to give in all of the other aspects of your life.

What are some ways that you show yourself self-love? Leave it in the comments below!



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