floral & flowy 

Is anyone else ready for spring, or is it just me? I know I know, “technically” we just reached the one month mark of winter, but it’s so hard to be in winter mode when all I see at the stores are cute flowy dresses and bright swimsuits with fun prints! This week, I decided to dress with winter in mind, but with spring vibes. I reached for a burgundy and pink floral printed blouse and threw a long cardigan over it. I am so in love with this cardigan, (but for some reason I keep thinking of that song short skirt/long jacket by cake, come on, you know it “I want a girl with a short skirt and a lonnnng jacket….”). Anyways,  I had never experimented with a long cardi before and this was the perfect one. Its just the right length, black, so it goes with everything, and it has a pretty design on the back. To dress this outfit down and add a more casual vibe, I opted for ripped jeans and a floppy hat. If you wanted to dress up this look, I would choose dark denim without distressing or even just a good black jean. To top off the look, I went with a pair of lace up ballet flats. What I love so much about this outfit is that it is colorful while still staying true to the season, it is comfortable and it can be dressed up or down. What was your favorite element of the outfit? I think we all know that mine is the cardigan!


Thank you to Fred Meyer for sponsoring this post!


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