Queen of Coats 

Ok friends, I’m just going to say this upfront. No messing around. This is the queen bee of coats. As soon as I put it on, I knew I just HAD to have it (and apparently everyone else did too, story below). The rich green color, the soft texture, the weight of the material… and pockets?! It was a done deal for me. I was moments away until I could call this beauty mine. As I was checking out, getting ready to carry my newest prized possession out of the store, the sales associate (let’s call her Roxy) starts telling me about how amazing this coat is. She tells me about how her sister has bought three, all in different colors and how she’s been waiting to snatch one up for herself. Roxy continues to tell me how someone had returned this exact jacket, just moments before I found it on one of the endless racks of clothes. Apparently, she was going to grab it on her break, but according to her, I found it first and beat her to the punch(#sorrynotsorry?). I mean if I was her sister and had the chance, I definitely would have bought one in every color too (where were you during this Roxy?!). Anyway, I left feeling like, well maybe I should just give it to her… 1…2…Nah. So when I say everyone wanted this jacket, you now know what I mean. I get it though, it’s perfect for winter. You can dress it up with a pair of printed pants and heels (pictured) and it looks just as cute dressed down. It has a million different ways you can button it. You can fasten it by the neck, which gives it a cowl neck. You can use one button, halfway down, giving it more of a tuxedo collar or you can button it all the way down for those cold winter days. For a more laid back look, you could also pair the queen bee with a basic tee and pair of white converse, leaving it unbuttoned for a more laid back look. Which way would you prefer to style this jacket, dressed up or casual? 



      | pants (similar) | jacket (anthropologie) (similar)| handbag (similar) | shoes (nine west) | 


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