Galentine’s Day Gift Guide 

I know that most of you have Feburary 14th on your mind, but let’s be honest, before we can even start to think about celebrating Valentine’s Day, we must certainly celebrate Galentine’s Day! What is Galentine’s Day you say? It’s only the best day of the year, according to Leslie Knope, of course. It’s a day where ladies celebrate ladies, so call up your sisters, girlfriends or favorite co-workers and celebrate Feburary 13th with them. There are so many different ways you can celebrate Galentine’s Day. You could go to brunch, leave an unexpected gift on your co-workers desk, have a cookie decorating party or even create your own over the top Galentine’s day get together, complete with tassel garlands and paper hearts. Since I am more of the unexpected gift giving kind, I decided to put together a gift guide of some of my favorite things to give as well as receive. Everything listed is under $20, and, you should be able to find something for everyone on it. So, while girly sweets like pink heart donuts and sugar cookies are a given (and a must), some of the other items at the top of my list are adult coloring books full of beautiful cities and landscapes, journals or notebooks with inspirational covers, travel mugs with fun designs for those tea or coffee lovers in your life, and no, let’s not forget to add pretty pencils to the list (but really, forget the coffee, pencils are where it’s at, I may be what you would call a pencil addict). A few other simple and easy ideas are scented candles (this peony petals one is to die for) flavored chapstick like these eos brand ones here and nail polish in an ombré of colors (find pretty Essie colors at Marshalls for under $4!). One item that isn’t pictured that I also love to gift are eye-catching pajamas like these bae mine ones here. What are some of your favorite items to gift to your friends? I hope that you all have a Happy Galentine’s Day! 








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