Pretty in Pastel 

Nail polish is just one of those things. It’s one of those things that makes us happy and fills our day with delight. Its one of those things that we talk about over coffee with friends. Its one of those things where twenty variations of the same pink isn’t quite enough. Let’s face it, nail polish is just plain addicting. But really, how can we resist these colorful bottles filled with happiness?  I mean, come on, they line the aisles in rainbows and have names like (left to right) Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, I Cannoli Wear OPI and Be There in a Prosecco. Choosing just the right shade, while it seems like a minimal task, can actually be quite time consuming.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in the beauty aisle, pacing back and forth, to find just the right shade..or two (good thing you can never have too much nail polish, am I right or am I right?). To our significant others, they all look the same, but no, they’re not. Definitely not. This week, I have done the work for you and found three of the prettiest pastel shades. While most people tend to lean towards darker colors during the winter, these  give you an option for a softer color palette, but are still season appropriate (hello, winter whites). My favorite shade out of the three below is “Be There in a Prosecco”, mostly because it strikes me as more of a neutral and has a pretty pink tone to it  (pinks seem to be my go-to). What is your go-to nail polish shade? Do you tend to switch up your color palette during different seasons or keep it the same year round? 




Colors from left to right |  Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around | I Cannoli Wear OPI | Be There in a Prosecco | 


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