Black and Blue

Do you remember the days when mixing black and blue together was a big fashion no no? I know, I know, that rule is SO 15 years ago. But seriously, every time I pair black with blue, the middle school memories all start flowing back. The days of hair straighteners and Nokias phones, and let’s not forget that go-gurt incident of 2001 when I spilled blue yogurt all over my sisters brand new white sweater…that I borrowed…without permission. Yep, my mom left work for that incident, she tried to get it out, to no avail (sorry, sis!). Anyways, back to the 2010’s. What I love so much about today’s fashion era is that almost anything goes. Yes, there are still some fashion dont’s or styles only the daring are willing to try, but mixing and matching? Easy. When I want to go for a more classic or simplistic look, I always seem to reach for some combination of black and blue. It never gets outdated and it’s easy to modernize with accessories and shoes. I kept this outfit super simple with a serenity blue swing dress, (I love the high neckline on this one) a long black cardigan and a classic Kate Spade crossbody. I love this dress because it’s so versatile. You can literally wear it in any season, to date night or to work and if you remove the cardigan, it shows off your shoulders with a modest but elegant sleeveless cut. So, now that mixing black and blue is a fashion do, I have to ask, what are your favorite classic color combos?




  dress (marshalls) | cardigan (fred meyer) | shoes (topshop) | handbag (kate spade)



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