This month’s glam bag, as usual, had all kinds of unexpected products for me to try. Since I’m a sucker for pink, the chosen theme #IPSYPINK was perfect to celebrate February and of course, give a nod of recognition to Valentine’s Day. Everywhere I looked, there was pink in this bag. From the signature mailer to the lipgloss, even the packaging of the products, pink, pink, pink! The products I received this month were: The Balm Luminizer, Perfectly Posh Exfoliating Facewash, Paula Dorf Eye Enhancer, Jessica Liebeskind Vintage Lipgloss and a Tappered Blending Brush from Luxie. My “Can’t Live Without” item from February would definitely be the highlighter from The Balm. I used it on my cheekbones and brows to add a slight contour. It left my face with a subtle glow and lessed the appearance of a few fine lines as well as blemishes. It didn’t feel heavy on my face and I loved that you could also use it as an eyeshadow. While I wasn’t as impressed with the lipgloss, (it was too sticky and shimmery for my taste) the exfoliator from Perfectly Posh was a welcomed surprise compared to some of the other face washes I’ve received from Ipsy in the past. This BFF facewash smelled and felt great, had just enough exfoliation to it and left my skin soft and bright, with no irritation. I also loved the baby eyes enhancer. I’ve never used an eye enhancer that hasn’t come off within seconds. This one stayed put all day and made my eyes appear much bigger and brighter. The last product that I was really impressed with was the blending brush, it’s not only vegan and paraben free, it’s also coated with an antibacterial solution. The pink handle makes it fun to use and the bristles are super soft, which is definitely a plus because we all know there’s nothing worse than a scratchy brush! What were some of the products you received this month? Did you find any new favorites?






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