We All Scream For Spring 

Now that spring is here and those warmer days have slowly been making an appearance, I’ve partnered with Fred Meyer Stores to share with you some of my favorite trends for this season, as well as a few product reviews. A lot of the trends on the runway this year involved bright, bold lips. I am really loving the shades of pink that NYX has created. Sometimes, finding the right one for your skin tone can be tricky, so I’ll usually layer a few different colors to created my ideal shade. If you really want your lips to pop, you’ll want to leave the rest of your makeup pretty neutral. Also, try to look for sales so that trying different colors doesn’t get too pricey. Fred Meyer was having a major makeup sale when I bought these items, so all of the products listed were buy one get one half off; perfect for trying out new colors and trends! 

To get my look, I started with the color correcting palette and then layered on my normal foundation. Next, I did some slight highlighting/ contouring and blended. I added some shimmery, barely there, nudeish pink eye shadow and blush. To get a pretty dewy finish, I used an illuminator and applied it to all of the spots that you would apply a normal highlighter. To complete the look, I applied NYX lip primer and then layered two different shades from the NYX matte lip cream collection (in colors Ibiza & Buenos Aires) and matched it to some pink OPI nail polish. Lastly, I spritzed my NYX setting spray in a  dewy finish. These are the exact products that I used as well as a few of my thoughts:

NYX Liquid Illuminator- I really liked this product. It adds a pretty shimmer to your skin and leaves you with that dewy sun kissed look. It applied very smoothly and was super easy to use. Be sure to rub it in all the way though, otherwise it will be noticeably shiner in some spots than others. 

NYX Color Correcting Concelear- This was an interesting product. I’ve always had red undertones to my skin and I wanted to try this particular product to see if it would help with some of the discoloration. Heres a little cheat sheet for you on how it works: Green conceals redness, purple brightens, pink helps with dull skin tones, light/deep hides imperfections and yellow conceals deep purple and red color. To apply, I used a normal concealer brush and started with the yellow color under my eyes, the green on all of my uneven red spots and the light/deep on a few acne spots.  The one tip that I can give about this palette is to blend blend blend. The formula is a little thicker, so blending is a major factor in making this product look natural and not caked on. Overall, I saw a major difference in the color of my skin tone and the under eye circles. The palette complely neutralized all of the discoloration. The only negative about this product is that I do have super sensitive skin, so I did end up breaking out a few days later after use. But overall, I was amazed at the results. Do be prepared to look a little…colorful during the application process, many colors go into neutralizing skin tones so like I said before, make sure to blend well! 

NYX The Go-To Palette- This palette has eyeshadow as well as a blush, a powdered highlighter and a powdered contour. It truly contains all of my go-tos. I love all of the neutral colored eye shadows it contained as well as the pretty pink blush. I usually keep my makeup pretty color neutral, so for those of you who are like me with makeup, it’s the perfect makeup set. The highlighter and contour powders also blended really well. When I first applied the brown contour, I questioned if it was too dark, but it ended up blending great! I would definitely recommend this product to really anyone! 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream & Liquid Suede- I seriously love these lip creams. They have a matte texture instead of that shiny (and sometimes sticky) lip gloss. They have a ton of shades and if they don’t have just the one you’re looking for, they look great layered. I used these with the NYX lip primer, which helped it last longer throughout the day as well as enhanced the color. Seriously, go buy these NOW! 

O.P.I Nail Polish- What girl doesn’t love new nail polish colors, especially pink? I have really been loving the brand O.P.I for my nail polish needs lately. It seems to last longer than other brands and the shades are much richer and seem to stand out more (and let’s not even get started on the cute names). The shades I picked up, from lightest to darkest are; SWEET HEART, PINK-ING OF YOU, MY ADDRESS IS HOLLYWOOD and CHARGED UP CHERRY. For the lightest pinks, it took 3 layers to get the desired shade, and for the darker pink polishes, I only needed to apply 1-2 coats. Now that I’ve told you some of my favorite spring makeup trends, what are your favorite ones to try this season?! 







Thank you to Fred Meyer for sponsoring this post! All of these beauty items as well as the lace top I am wearing can be found at your local store and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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