Let’s Be Flare 

I love to try out different styles and mix and match pieces that are already in my closet. Sometimes, trying out trendier clothing, such a flares, can be a bit overwhelming. You start thinking “well, what will I wear this to” and  “which shoes or tees will go with it?” and really, let’s be frank, who likes to spend money on something that you might wear once, only to have it sit in the back of your closet for the next 15 years (and then, of course have it come back into style, only after you’ve donated it to the goodwill)? Definitely not me! So, for this look, I paired some denim flares with some wardrobe basics to show you how easy it can be to mix and match those trendier items into your wardrobe. On this particular morning, I was headed out to meet my sister for coffee and let’s face it, I really didn’t feel like trying too hard. I put my hair up into a half top-knot (that way I only had to curl half of my hair) and reached for some light denim flares and a plain black hi-lo sweater. I really like this style of sweater because of the way it hangs, it just looks so chic and effortless, especially when paired with the black wedged sandals. To dress this look up, I would pair it with some petite jewelry or a bold lip to finish it off!




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