Work To Weekend 

It’s Friday and my work week is over, but that doesn’t always keep me from hanging up the office wear for the weekend. I used to keep my work vs. play wardrobe pretty separate, but as you all should know by now, I hate to waste a good outfit! Lately, Ive really been gravitating towards work separates that I can incorporate into my everyday wardrobe, not just for the 8-5 hours that I’m in the office. I’ve found that Van Heusen has a great selection for professional wear. There were so many cute things that I could see myself taking from the office to the weekend, that I just kept trying on different combinations until I caved and bought them all. I especially liked this white collard tank. The floral print gives off a happy spring vibe, and you can easily pair it with some skinny trousers or denim jeans for the weekend (pictured). I also added a pink cardigan, nude pumps, along with some tortoise shell sunglasses, a rose-gold colored watch and some white squared gem earrings. Next time you are looking at business casual apparel, think about how you could incorporate one of the pieces that you pick out into your weekend wardrobe. Could you pair that button up top with some distressed denim, or that midi dress with a pair of colored sneakers to get a semi-polished, but still fashionable and fun look? I never want to buy something just because it “fits the office mold”. I always want to make sure that I feel comfortable in my work attire and that I am not wearing something that doesn’t feel like myself. If I am not comfortable in something, it comes across in more ways than one, and definitely makes for a much longer work day than needed (and who wants that?).  So, picking out clothing that you would wear IRL (in real life) vs. ITO (in the office) should be similar and transferable. Always stay true to your personal style and personality when picking out office clothing and that comfort and confidence will come across in many different ways in your professional life. It all starts in the clothing my friends, it all starts in the clothing. 




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