Destination Chic 

Another month, another glam bag review. I do have to say though, this month has been my favorite yet. I received so many amazing products that I don’t even know what to do with myself (an ulta trip is definitely in my future). Also, if you haven’t signed up yet, you can use my referral link here The theme for May was “destination chic”. There were a few different bag colors to choose from and I got the salmon pink one, I also thought all of the little landmarks drawings tied the travel theme in perfectly. This month,  I received (left to right) Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mud MaskVera Mona Smudger BrushBelláPierre Nude LiplinerVita Liberta Self Tanner, Pacifica Coconut Eyeshadow Trio and Smashbox Cosmetics X-Rated Mascara. You can find my review of each product below.

The Pores Be Pure Mud Mask was awesome. It smelled great, had a little tingle during the application process (which I liked) dried within ten minutes and left my face feeling super soft. I tend to have more sensitive skin and it did not irritate it at all. I also felt like it left my acne spots a little brighter as well. The Smudger Brush was a nice addition to my bag. I used it while applying the eyeshadow I recieved and I had no complaints. I liked the curve to the bristles, it made smudging around my eyelid creases very easy and kept it in place. The bristles were also very soft, which is always a plus! I absolutely loved the BelláPierre Lip Liner. It was the perfect nude for my lips, allowing me to over line and get that Kyle Jenner look without the injections. The color is beautiful and pairs great with another nude lipstick that I recieved in an earlier glam bag. It applied very smooth and evenly and I will definitely be purchasing more of this shade in the future. As far as the self tanner, it was another ipsy win. This formula is amazing. I applied one application and the color was unbelievable. It did not give off an orange tone whatsoever and looked flawless on my fair skin. It also did not have that strong sunless tanner smell like most formulas do. It dried super fast and did not feel sticky at all. The directions said for the best results to apply three applications with rinsing in between. I didn’t have time to apply that much, but applying once a week for two weeks the color kept for about 4 days. I think if I would have followed the directions it would have kept for much much longer (I will definitely be testing this theory out in the future)! I also enjoyed the eyeshadow, I always love a good neutral shadow and this palette was filled with my preferential colors. They had just enough shimmer to them and were also very smooth when applied, lasting most of the day! 

My can’t  live without items for this month would definitely have to be the lip liner and the self tanner,  It’s so hard to find the right shades and that is exactly what both of these have in common. I will definitely be seeing both of these products in my future! Now that you know my favorite items, what were yours? Did anyone have a least favorite product? 



eyeshadow | smudger brush | lip liner mascaratanner | mud mask | glam bag


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