Let’s Get Real 

 What does being real mean to me? It means not caring what people think. It means surrounding yourself with people who enjoy you for you. It means eating the whole pizza without apologizing. It means dancing in front of a strangers doorstep without a care. It means choosing the rose gold sunglasses. Being real means pairing the fringe with the floral, because that’s what makes you happy. Being real means living and enjoying everyday knowing that there will never ever be another you. 

Now, let’s get real. 

For this outfit, I paired this floral flowy dress with a frayed denim jacket, rose gold sunglasses, a choker necklace and simple black flats. You have to remember, it’s still winter here in Oregon so it’s about 38 degrees outside (and raining) while I took this photo. I’m pretty much dreaming of taking this dress with me on a Hawaiian vacation. Instead, we are running back and forth to the car (that we may or may not have parked in a towing zone) to see if we got “the shot”. My husband takes my photos (yes, I have an Instagram husband) and he’s dying because well, he’s bald (a semi-choice) and he didn’t bring a hat with him to shoot the photos (rookie move, Tom).  After about maybe 15 minutes, we leave the location and as we’re driving back to Thomas’s parents house for Sunday dinner, I’m scrolling through the photos. I start with the ehh, hmm’s and he’s sitting next to me like… yes? Well, I didn’t feel like I ‘quite’ got the shot I was invisioning. At this point, we are already late for Sunday dinner, but happy wife happy life, right? He turns the car around and we go back. It only takes us a few more minutes to get the rest of the shots in. I’m dancing in front of a strangers doorstep, blowing bubble gum all over my face and have strangers driving by giving me a thumbs up. We left laughing, our car didn’t get towed and we got some great photos (and don’t worry, our family was kind enough to not start Sunday dinner without us). Being real is not caring what other people think, surrounding yourself with people who get you and being okay with making a fool out of yourself because they’re right there next to you doing the same darn thing.  Now if that’s not being real, I don’t know what is.


dress AEO | jacket AEO | sunglasses AEO

Thank you to American Eagle Outfitters for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors! 


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