Beach Getaway 

Last weekend was Aubrielle’s 6th birthday! We started the morning off by opening one of her birthday gifts…. a suitcase fit for a wildcat-rainbow-loving, spunky and adventurous six year old girl. She has been wanting her own suitcase for awhile so her face instantly lit up when she unwrapped it. I gave her a few options on where we could go to spend her big day, and she chose to go to the beach for a couple of nights. My in-laws have a beach house in a little town called Waldport, so we packed our suitcases and headed down a little later that afternoon. Even though the beach is only about an hour and a half away, I hate driving there because the roads are so curvy. They recently finished the new route (which took 10 years) and it was so much better! Our radio also never gets any signal on the way over so we ended up jamming out to.. wait for it….Now 5. I think Aubrielle’s favorite song from the track was  definitely Aaron’s Party. We got to town around three and headed straight to the beach. It was so nice and sunny, not a breeze in the air, which is super rare for an Oregon Beach Day. We had so much fun over the couple of days we were there. We ate at a local diner for dinner, woke up early and walked the bay front for coffee and even made it to the famous “Pacific Sourdough” bakery to pick out goodies for the drive home. It always is about a 15-20 minute wait in line to get through the shop door, but it’s always oh-so worth it! They have all types of scones, cookies, cakes and breads and of course, everything is always delicious (but really, when are carbs not?)! We usually end up spending about $30-$40 and get a little carried away because there are so many options, so we tried to limit ourselves to one thing per person this trip.  We decided on a loaf of pretzel bread, lemon sandwich cookies and chocolate cake, and yes, it was delightful! Elle had so much fun in Waldport and when we got home on Sunday we had a birthday party filled with wildcat balloons, friends, family and gifts and celebrated the evening away! I can’t believe we now have a six year old on our hands.. Luckily, we will be at least somewhat prepared for all of these new adventures to come, with her new suitcase in hand! 




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