That’s so Targeé

Whoever says that Target isn’t bae, clearly has never been. In my very limited free time, I love to grab a Starbucks coffee at my nearby Target, get 5% off my drink for using my red card, and peruse around the aisles deciding if there is anything today that I just can’t live without. 

On this trip, I came across a pair of black and gold loafer mules, super similar to a designer pair that I have had my eye on for quite some time. While the pair I had been eyeing had a hefty price tag of $658, (can you say Gucci taste with  Target funds?) these ones were only $22.99. Yes, you read that right, $22.99. These loafers are a classic piece with a trendy, yet effortless vibe, and I love purchasing  items that I can easily transition from work mode to play mode. If you want to compare the two pairs that I am referring to, check out the Gucci pair here and the Target dupes here. Amazing, right? 

Also on this shopping trip, if you haven’t been to Target lately (or at this rate should I be calling it Targeé?) you absolutely have to stop by the Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar display. Let me tell you, the brands that Target has been partnering with lately are on a whole other level. Sugar Fix has the cutest jewelry, but at a much lower price than their original Bauble Bar brand. I got these super cute triad ball earrings in black and have purchased a moon and stars pair as well as a tassel pair too…Every time I pass the displays (yes, there is more than one!) I can’t help but spin through their pieces and bring more home. What I love about these drop earrings is that just like the loafers, they can also go from work mode to play mode super easy. One night I wore them to a wedding at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbra and the next week I was wearing them while scheduling patients and eating lunch at McDonald’s. How’s that for versatile, eh? 



Earrings: Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar at Target

Shoes: Merona Backless Mule Loafers at Target
Thank you to Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors. 

2 thoughts on “That’s so Targeé

  1. Hi Rachel, I just wanted to say hi here in the comments as I tried to get in touch with you before for a collab but never heard anything back from you. If you’re open to collabs I’d love to hear from you. You’re more than welcome to write directly to me on – even if you’re not interested. All the best xx


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