A different perspective 

My favorite time of year is definitely the fall season. The leaves start changing, the weather cools down and the countdown begins for all of the holiday festivities! Not to mention, I can start obsessively buying oversized cardigans (I may or may not have this one in three different colors) autumn scented candles and of course, holiday lattes. 

This outfit actually has a funny story to it. My brother and I love a good Old Navy run. I feel like we are mini celebrities every time we go there because when we get into an Old Navy type of mood, we seem to frequent the store multiple times a day (it really doesn’t help that our office is right across the street from one). There have even been times where him and I will go around 10 AM and then flash forward to 3 PM and it’s the same scenario, but with husband (talk about FOMO). On the way out, the ladies working will say “so, we will see you later then?”  Sheesh, talk about a frequent flyer. Yes, it’s a little embarrassing, but what’s an Old Navy girl to do? 

Anyway, one day my brother decided he was going to pick me out an outfit to blog. First it was some puke colored jeans (those were instantly nixed from the pile) and then it was these gray ones and some olive colored boots (I refused to try them on at first). In case you didn’t know, I can be a little stubborn, but I eventually got with the program.  I ended up trying on a few pairs of jeans, different colored boots and a few tops. What do you think of the final look? I never would have thought I would love these olive colored boots so much, but have been pairing them with everything! From this experience, I have definitely learned that it can be fun to step outside of your comfort zone and let someone else give you some suggestions and style tips. Maybe I should have tried on the puke colored jeans after all….. 



| Old Navy | Tee | Sweater | Denim Jeggings | Boots | 

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