Maroon and stripes

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who will buy multiples of an item that I love. There. I said it. There’s no shame here people. I’ve bought multiples of shoes, dishes, makeup, clothing and the list goes on and on. When I find an item that I absolutely love, I obviously buy it, but not just one. It’s like FOMO, but for material possessions. Take this cardigan for example. One cardigan.. two cardigan.. three cardigan….four…. Yes, somehow I have accumulated four of these things. I think I have them in every color at this point, maroon, black, light gray, dark gray (and don’t even ask me about the striped tee). I do tend to do this with more practical items like a pair of really good heels or a creamy foundation in the perfect color. I mean, It’s not like I’m over here hoarding puppy surprises or anything. Do any of you do this multiple buying thing too? Or is this just another quirk of mine to add to the list?

Anyways, back to the outfit. I paired this super soft black and white striped tee under a long maroon bouclé cardigan. I went with a pair of dark distressed denim with fraying along the hemline and paired them with some black Sam Edelman boots. I love these boots because they have a short heel in a pretty wood color that add a unique twist to them. All of these pieces can easily mix and match with other jackets, sweaters, denim etc and should definitely be a closet staple. I finished off this look with some dainty bracelets and a pair of gold leaf earrings, that are perfect for fall.

So, now that we know I have four of these cardigans and an unmentioned amount of tees… should I even divulge that I almost bought these same boots last week, but in a pretty sand color? Don’t worry, I didn’t… or did I?



Bouclé Sweater Old Navy | Striped Tee Old Navy| Denim Macys; Pink Celebrity | Boots Marshall’s; Sam Edelman | Earrings Etsy| Sunglasses Kate Spade

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