Weekend to Work

If you have been following me for awhile, I am sure that you know that I tend to lean towards more casual outfits. While a majority of the time these are the types of outfits I tend to blog about, during my work week I actually wear a lot of business casual clothing. You know, black pants, dresses, pencil skirts.. AKA… no jeans. When I am shopping for these types of outfits, I like to pick pieces that can easily transition from the office to the weekend or vice versa. For this particular outfit, I dressed up neutral flannel top, canvas jacket and some brown booties with a plain black pencil skirt. While I would typically just throw this outfit on with some jeans and call it good for the weekend, the pencil skirt takes it up a level, making it more than office appropriate. To do this, just take a more casual style top, pair it with a dresser pair of pants or skirt, add some accessories and finish it with a pair of office appropriate shoes. Pretty easy, right? What types of clothing do you usually wear for your work week? Do you also buy items that you can transition from weekend to work week?



Pencil Skirt | Gray Plaid Shirt | Fendi Glasses | Quilted Crossbody- OLD- Similar -| Brown Booties- OLD- Similar – | Jacket -OLD- Similar Styles, Other Color Options

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