Merry Kitschmas Gift Guide

Happy Holiyays! I decided to put together a Merry Kitschmas gift guide to help make it a little easier to shop for all of your favorite girls. It includes all of my must-have hair and jewelry obsessions from Kitsch. Below you will find the cutest marble hair clips, matchbook bobby pins, and necklaces that you ever did see, and if you are anything like me, “Santa” may be dropping some Kitschmas gifts off under my tree.




Bracelets | Wishing Bracelet |The Future is Female Cuff |

Rings| 5 Pack Stackable Rings |

Earrings| Boho Studs |Simple Micro Hoop

Necklaces Guiding Gems Necklace Set |Stars and Moon Vintage Locket |Horoscope Sign Necklace |Wishbone Necklace | Beyond The Stars Set |


Marble collection | 3 Piece Set Marble Claw Clip | Matchbook Bobby Pins | Marble Bun Pin | Marble Pony Cuff | Matchbook Elastics |

Astrology Collection | Hair Coils in Rose | Teardrop Bobby Pins | Astrology Hair Ties | Gold Claw Clip |


Let’s Get Cozy

Now that the rain is here and the holidays are near, it’s time to get cozy, sip on some hot tea (or wine), turn on your favorite tv show and cuddle up with your favorite fluff ball.

This months Ellie Box included a pair of super soft criss cross leggings, a long sleeved white mesh top, a cozy wrap that you can wear and pair several different ways and two pressure point relief massagers. I am personally loving the wrap this month and reach for it every time we spend a cozy night in, which is quite often during the rainy Oregon months. I enjoy being able to lounge around the house, popping some air popped popcorn (the best!), sipping on hot tea and getting cozy with my malti-poo fluff ball Petie, all while catching up on the TGIT lineup. You’ll pretty much always catch me in some sort of Ellie Box combination when I’m at home and this month, I definitely have this cozy wrap on repeat. I have even dressed it up with jeans and a tee… I can’t help it, it’s just so comfortable! What are some of your favorite stay-in activities? Isn’t it just so nice to just relax sometimes and have absolutely nothing on the agenda to do?

P.S if you’re still thinking of getting the Ellie Box it is currently 30% off for the Black Friday weekend. Click here and use code FRIDAY30. If you are reading this later, you can still get 15% off will code RACHELREISS15.



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Maroon and stripes

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who will buy multiples of an item that I love. There. I said it. There’s no shame here people. I’ve bought multiples of shoes, dishes, makeup, clothing and the list goes on and on. When I find an item that I absolutely love, I obviously buy it, but not just one. It’s like FOMO, but for material possessions. Take this cardigan for example. One cardigan.. two cardigan.. three cardigan….four…. Yes, somehow I have accumulated four of these things. I think I have them in every color at this point, maroon, black, light gray, dark gray (and don’t even ask me about the striped tee). I do tend to do this with more practical items like a pair of really good heels or a creamy foundation in the perfect color. I mean, It’s not like I’m over here hoarding puppy surprises or anything. Do any of you do this multiple buying thing too? Or is this just another quirk of mine to add to the list?

Anyways, back to the outfit. I paired this super soft black and white striped tee under a long maroon bouclé cardigan. I went with a pair of dark distressed denim with fraying along the hemline and paired them with some black Sam Edelman boots. I love these boots because they have a short heel in a pretty wood color that add a unique twist to them. All of these pieces can easily mix and match with other jackets, sweaters, denim etc and should definitely be a closet staple. I finished off this look with some dainty bracelets and a pair of gold leaf earrings, that are perfect for fall.

So, now that we know I have four of these cardigans and an unmentioned amount of tees… should I even divulge that I almost bought these same boots last week, but in a pretty sand color? Don’t worry, I didn’t… or did I?



Bouclé Sweater Old Navy | Striped Tee Old Navy| Denim Macys; Pink Celebrity | Boots Marshall’s; Sam Edelman | Earrings Etsy| Sunglasses Kate Spade

A different perspective 

My favorite time of year is definitely the fall season. The leaves start changing, the weather cools down and the countdown begins for all of the holiday festivities! Not to mention, I can start obsessively buying oversized cardigans (I may or may not have this one in three different colors) autumn scented candles and of course, holiday lattes. 

This outfit actually has a funny story to it. My brother and I love a good Old Navy run. I feel like we are mini celebrities every time we go there because when we get into an Old Navy type of mood, we seem to frequent the store multiple times a day (it really doesn’t help that our office is right across the street from one). There have even been times where him and I will go around 10 AM and then flash forward to 3 PM and it’s the same scenario, but with husband (talk about FOMO). On the way out, the ladies working will say “so, we will see you later then?”  Sheesh, talk about a frequent flyer. Yes, it’s a little embarrassing, but what’s an Old Navy girl to do? 

Anyway, one day my brother decided he was going to pick me out an outfit to blog. First it was some puke colored jeans (those were instantly nixed from the pile) and then it was these gray ones and some olive colored boots (I refused to try them on at first). In case you didn’t know, I can be a little stubborn, but I eventually got with the program.  I ended up trying on a few pairs of jeans, different colored boots and a few tops. What do you think of the final look? I never would have thought I would love these olive colored boots so much, but have been pairing them with everything! From this experience, I have definitely learned that it can be fun to step outside of your comfort zone and let someone else give you some suggestions and style tips. Maybe I should have tried on the puke colored jeans after all….. 



| Old Navy | Tee | Sweater | Denim Jeggings | Boots | 

That’s so Targeé

Whoever says that Target isn’t bae, clearly has never been. In my very limited free time, I love to grab a Starbucks coffee at my nearby Target, get 5% off my drink for using my red card, and peruse around the aisles deciding if there is anything today that I just can’t live without. 

On this trip, I came across a pair of black and gold loafer mules, super similar to a designer pair that I have had my eye on for quite some time. While the pair I had been eyeing had a hefty price tag of $658, (can you say Gucci taste with  Target funds?) these ones were only $22.99. Yes, you read that right, $22.99. These loafers are a classic piece with a trendy, yet effortless vibe, and I love purchasing  items that I can easily transition from work mode to play mode. If you want to compare the two pairs that I am referring to, check out the Gucci pair here and the Target dupes here. Amazing, right? 

Also on this shopping trip, if you haven’t been to Target lately (or at this rate should I be calling it Targeé?) you absolutely have to stop by the Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar display. Let me tell you, the brands that Target has been partnering with lately are on a whole other level. Sugar Fix has the cutest jewelry, but at a much lower price than their original Bauble Bar brand. I got these super cute triad ball earrings in black and have purchased a moon and stars pair as well as a tassel pair too…Every time I pass the displays (yes, there is more than one!) I can’t help but spin through their pieces and bring more home. What I love about these drop earrings is that just like the loafers, they can also go from work mode to play mode super easy. One night I wore them to a wedding at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbra and the next week I was wearing them while scheduling patients and eating lunch at McDonald’s. How’s that for versatile, eh? 



Earrings: Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar at Target

Shoes: Merona Backless Mule Loafers at Target
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Hiking in the Pines

Happy Fall! Another month means another Ellie Box and this one is amazing! I have only received Ellie during the warmer months, so I was super excited to see what they would include for October. Once again, Ellie has hit the mark! 

October has always been one of those awkward months in Oregon where Mother Nature just can’t quite make up her mind. We will have sunny days here, crisp mornings there and then all of a sudden we will have a downpour mixed with thunderstorms and freezing cold weather, followed by yet another beautiful. sunny. day. As you can probably imagine, it can make it hard to figure out what to wear for a day of hiking. 

On this day, pictured below, we went to McDonald Forest. There was a crazy downpour the night before, so we were hesitant about hiking, but the next morning ended up being the perfect fall day. The warm sun rays hit our skin as we were wandering through the forest and then a cool breeze would rush through the trees, filling the air with the smell of pine and rain drops. It was seriously magical. 

The best thing about this Ellie box is that the leggings are fleece lined. They are super soft and warm, but not so warm that you’re going to sweat and be uncomfortable in them. They were perfect for hiking during a cooler day. I also LOVED that this box included a jacket. They seriously don’t leave a detail unturned on this jacket. It has the thumb inserts, a cool asymmetrical zipper and gray panels on the sides for a slimming effect. Also, let’s talk about the back on this tee. I seriously love all of the cutouts pieces from the Ellie boxes. From their tanks, to their tees, to their bras, they’re perfect every time. It’s probably one of my favorite things about these boxes. I appreciate all of those extra little touches that make you feel super feminine in workout clothes and pieces that encourage you to show off all of your hard work. Speaking about hard work, if you follow my instastories, you know that I’ve been working out daily this last month (perfect timing for that summer bod, right 😜) I will be doing an update on my progress in the next few weeks, so I can’t wait to share! In the meantime, I’ll just be busting my butt and wearing my Ellie! 



This months box included a purple tee with detailed cutouts on the back, long fleece lined leggings, zip up jacket, yoga mat towel and an accessory pouch. 

Also, I have some good news for all of you who have been thinking about subscribing to Ellie! You can now get 15% off of your first box with code “RACHELREISS15”! 

Get your Ellie Box here!

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September Heights 

Happy Fall everyone! This months Ellie Box is the perfect combination of all the fall feels. I received an olive green colored top that can drape in either the front or the back, which means…. you can wear it TWO ways, and really… what’s better than a two-fer?! The black and white leggings have the prettiest mesh detailing down the side that also match the detail on the sports bra and once again, hits all the marks for a pretty little workout bra in my book. I also am loving that September’s box has a strong focus on yoga.  I’ve recently gotten back into adding some yoga into my routine after my regular workouts. It’s great for beginners or advanced exercisers and really helps you just calm down and relax after a stressful day. Aside from the apparel, I also received a yoga block to help with form as well as some grip socks. If anyone has some good recommendations for 10-15 minute yoga workouts I’d love to hear them! I hope everyone has a nice relaxing week!



Get the Ellie Activewear Subscription here.

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