Summer Blush 

Hellooo LPD! For those of you that don’t know, that stands for little pink dress. Can anyone else think of a better way to spend a mid-summer date night than in this perfect little blush number? I mean, it  practically screams take me out and hits all of the check marks for the perfect LPD. It’s trendy, sexy, cool and between the cold shoulder, silky fabric and blush tone I just feel so feminine and pretty in it. it makes me want to twirl in circles and enjoy the last few weeks of the warm summer nights. It’s funny how a piece of fabric can do that to you, isn’t it? Now it’s your turn to get out your LPD, have fun, and don’t forget to twirl to your own beat!


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August Ellie 

Happy August! This month, I received Ellie’s NEW 3-pack box, which includes ONLY their hand-picked apparel. I really love that they are now offering an apparel only box, which is perfect for those of you with gym memberships or already too much equipment at home to count. For their new box, you will receive a sport bra, workout pants, a unique top and a pretty little rose gold bag, all for just $39.95. 

I am so in love with the August outfit! When I first pulled the top out, I wasn’t too sure about it. It looked super sheer, but once I put the whole outfit on, I absolutely loved it. It offers just enough coverage and pairs really well with the high waisted pants, which are definitely my go-to style right now. They are also a really good quality and have a bit of compression to them (another plus!). The mesh detailing down the side of the leg is also super cool and the sports bra design really pulls the whole outfit together. Oh, and did I mention the rose gold bag? Diiieeee! I would get the box just for that alone! I have worn this outfit about four times now since I received it, and I want to mention that the top is actually super comfortable to workout in. It’s been so hot here and I normally workout in our garage, which can be about 80-90 degrees. The shirt stays really breezy and the moisture wicking technology on it is amazing! You can also tie it up in the front and it looks super cute. Ellie definitely knows how to pick their outfits to keep you cute and comfortable while continuing to motivate you on your fitness journey. 

Also, I want to mention that The 5-pack box option is still available (49.95) and I would say it is definitely a better option for those of you who do enjoy working out at home (me 🙋🏻).  Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about sizing and I’d be happy to help you out!!



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Beach Getaway 

Last weekend was Aubrielle’s 6th birthday! We started the morning off by opening one of her birthday gifts…. a suitcase fit for a wildcat-rainbow-loving, spunky and adventurous six year old girl. She has been wanting her own suitcase for awhile so her face instantly lit up when she unwrapped it. I gave her a few options on where we could go to spend her big day, and she chose to go to the beach for a couple of nights. My in-laws have a beach house in a little town called Waldport, so we packed our suitcases and headed down a little later that afternoon. Even though the beach is only about an hour and a half away, I hate driving there because the roads are so curvy. They recently finished the new route (which took 10 years) and it was so much better! Our radio also never gets any signal on the way over so we ended up jamming out to.. wait for it….Now 5. I think Aubrielle’s favorite song from the track was  definitely Aaron’s Party. We got to town around three and headed straight to the beach. It was so nice and sunny, not a breeze in the air, which is super rare for an Oregon Beach Day. We had so much fun over the couple of days we were there. We ate at a local diner for dinner, woke up early and walked the bay front for coffee and even made it to the famous “Pacific Sourdough” bakery to pick out goodies for the drive home. It always is about a 15-20 minute wait in line to get through the shop door, but it’s always oh-so worth it! They have all types of scones, cookies, cakes and breads and of course, everything is always delicious (but really, when are carbs not?)! We usually end up spending about $30-$40 and get a little carried away because there are so many options, so we tried to limit ourselves to one thing per person this trip.  We decided on a loaf of pretzel bread, lemon sandwich cookies and chocolate cake, and yes, it was delightful! Elle had so much fun in Waldport and when we got home on Sunday we had a birthday party filled with wildcat balloons, friends, family and gifts and celebrated the evening away! I can’t believe we now have a six year old on our hands.. Luckily, we will be at least somewhat prepared for all of these new adventures to come, with her new suitcase in hand! 



Pump up the jam.. and the motivation 

 If you couldn’t tell by now through my blog posts and insta stories, I have been on quite the workout kick as of late. I’ve been running a few times a week, lifting weights, doing floor exercises during my favorite t.v shows and continuing to keeping myself motivated through my favorite thing… clothes! For this post, I’ve partnered with Customized Girl and created some fun workout tanks to keep up the motivation. One of my favorite things to look for when I shop is definitely fun and witty exercise clothes. You’ve all seen the one that says “just a girl staring at a salad wishing it were pizza” or the one that says “exercise for extra fries” (my personal favorite). I decided to take mine in more of a, let’s say.. lyrical direction. When I workout I’m always jamming out and  listening to music. With a few miles under my belt, some pondering and a play on words, these tanks were born. 

It was super easy and fun to create these tops. I went to Customized Girl, searched their clothing options, added my text, searched their images for art, selected my size and added it to my cart. They were delivered about a week later and were exactly what I had pictured! What’s awesome about this site is that you can buy already created designs or customize your own. They have workout bags, scrub tops, swimwear and so much more, all ready for your creations! Has anyone else used Customized Girl before? I would love to see what you have designed and I will post my favorites in my stories on Instagram! I hope everyone has a great week and happy designing! 


Bench Don’t Kill My Vibe Workout Tank
Rap Girlfriend Tank

Use code “RACHEL” to get 10% off of your order for the next two months or code “CGPC25” to get $5 OFF until 12-31-17! 

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July Ellie Box Review

Happy July Everyone! A new month means a new Ellie box, and I am super excited about this one! If you haven’t heard of the Ellie Box, it is a monthly subscription delivered to your front door that contains activewear! It typically includes a trendy workout top, pant, super cute sports bra and two accessories. This has quickly become one of my favorite splurges every month and it definitely hasn’t disappointed for July!

This month, I received a two-toned coral tank, a sports bra, black and coral capri pants, an ab roller, colorful hair ties and a cooling towel. Its so fun having items sent to you that you might not typically pick out for yourself. Last month, I received a waist pack that I thought I would never use and now I literally run with it everyday. The outfits are always colorful and fun and I always get compliments when I wear them out. I mean who doesn’t want to be trendy AND cute while sweating it out? The sports bra and tank combos are definitely my favorite. They’re super comfortable and are always eye catching and unique. Do you want to hear something really crazy though? I was actually at a local store yesterday and found the exact same tank that was in my box. It was $40! I decided to do some research to see how good of a deal I was really getting with the Ellie Box. To purchase everything separately would cost me about $150! That’s definitely a deal in my book for cool trendy pieces that I can mix and match! Don’t forget to check out the photos below of all of the pretty detailing and if you have any questions about sizing feel free to message me! 

Also, if you want to get $10 off your first box you can use my link here! Have an awesome July everyone! 



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You wear, we wear, Elliewear! 

I fell off the wagon, specifically, the workout wagon. It happened about a year ago when I went from being a full time, stay at home mom to running my sister’s dental practice. After I had my daughter Aubrielle,  it was really hard for me to get motivated to lose the extra weight. It took me about three years of eating nachos and drinking Dr. Pepper to finally decide to do something about it. I specifically remember one morning waking up and just feeling exhausted. I didn’t understand it. My body was sore, I always felt sluggish and just plain unmotivated. I literally said out loud “I can’t do this anymore. I never want to feel this way again”. I decided that day was going to be the day that I would start working out. Fast forward three months and I was a completely different person. It was like a cloud had been lifted and I was radiating sunshine all the time. I was down 25 pounds, always ready for a challenge and just felt plain happy. Ive been able to maintain this lifestyle, all things considered, but since I started working full time again, I’ve been struggling to maintain my routine. Luckily, I’ve finally found a little motivation. It’s called the Ellie Box

The Ellie Box is a monthly mail subscription that sends you five items right to your doorstep, all in a pretty little rose gold box. It always includes a pair of pants, a sports  bra, top,  an Ellie bag and two various items such as equipment or accessories. For the month of June, I received a cap and waist pack as my accessories. The tank and bra combo was super stylish and I loved the color and pattern of the pants. The quality was great and the sizing was perfect and super comfortable (I went with a medium). As soon as I get home from work, I throw on my Ellie outfit, hang out with the family and then go on my nightly run. I love stylish workout outfits and this one is no exception. I literally feel cute while I’m running (is this real life?). I also love that you can skip boxes at anytime, even if you are on a monthly plan and that the shipping is completely free. I will definitely be ordering more Ellie boxes in the future and I’m loving this new found workout motivation it has brought me! Now tell me, what is your biggest workout motivator? The clothes, the endorphin release, the weight loss…..all three? 



Use my referral link to get $10 off your first box click here. Find the Ellie Box here

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Tassels á la blue

Summer is officially here and with Memorial Day weekend already half way over, I’m definitely bringing out those summer whites! It’s been raining in Oregon since October, and let me tell you, I’m so over it! I think Mother Nature has officially skipped over spring. It’s gone from 40 and non-stop rain to 80 in the matter of a week and I am so ready these unlimited days of sunshine! 

For this outfit, I went pretty neutral with an all white dress. It has some fun tassel and laser detailing and I paired it with some super fun tassel beaded earrings in white and turquoise from Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar, clear sunnies and a really pretty gray handbag from Fashion Pinto. I love the size of this bag because it makes a statement without being too bulky and awkward. I feel like I’m carrying around a piece of art. Everything about this handbag makes me so happy from the scalloped details, the color combination and the silhouette.. do I really need to keep going? Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying the long weekend and sunshine because I’ll be taking in every minute of it while I can! Happy Memorial Day!


handbag fashion pinto | earrings Sugar Fix for Bauble Bar | dress (old) Old Navy similar

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