New Year, New Beginnings

It’s January, and 2017 was SO last year. Speaking of so last year, Ellie has ditched their old ways of doing things and are now offering something new for 2018. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed choices, you got it, girl! You can now choose from three different outfit options for your monthly subscription box AND they also have some cool exclusive pieces you can purchase. How cool is that? If you thought you loved their outfit combinations now, how in the heck are we going to choose from 3?! First world problems, right? I know, I know.

Since it is a new year, One of my goals is to consistently workout throughout the week. I have a job where I am not up and moving a whole lot, so it’s really important for me to be active once I get home. When the weather is nice, I will try to go for a 20-30 minute walk during my lunch and then I’ll do a 30 minute-1 hour workout once I get home. I also bought some new dumbbells this year that range in weight from 8-35 pounds and boy, have I been sore! Let me know if you want me to share a post about my at-home workout routine and I’ll try to put something together for you guys! I hope everyone has had a great first few weeks of 2018!

You can purchase the Ellie box subscription or even buy exclusive items without a subscription here and don’t forget to use my code ‘RACHELREISS15’ for an extra 15% off of your purchase!



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Ellie Rewind

Well guys, it’s officially 2018! Where did the year go?! The last couple weeks of 2017 were super busy with friends, family and holiday gatherings, so I never got around to posting the December Ellie box. Luckily, Ellie now offers past collections on their website for purchase, so don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! You can find all of the past collections from this year, including December here and don’t forget to use my code RACHELREISS15 for an extra 15% off!

For the December collection, Ellie went with a black and white color palette with a pretty pop of cobalt blue. I wasn’t so sure how the color would look on me, but I ended up loving it! What’s even better is that it looks amazing on everyone that I have seen wearing the collection. The pants are also super slimming with the design down the side and I loved that it came with a crop style top. I also received a black sports bra and for the accessories, a jump rope (my favorite exercise) and a hot/cold clay pack! I was super excited about the accessories this month and have definitely used them a ton! What is your favorite item from the December box? Have any of you purchased previous collections from their website yet?



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O’ Christmas Tree

O’ Christmas tree

O’ Christmas tree

What happiness befalls me.

This year for our Christmas tree, we decided to do something a little different. We typically have an artificial tree that we put up year after year, but a couple of days before Christmas last year, all of the lights suddenly went out, so a new plan it was for 2017. Of course, we kind of forgot that we needed a new tree until we were ready to start decorating this year, so we started looking for a replacement but couldn’t find anything that we loved. My sister suggested that we go out to their farm and make a little family adventure out of it. She had seen a couple of trees that she thought might be the right size for our family.

One Sunday morning in early December, We decided to get dressed, grab some Starbucks and roam around the property. It was so cold, so I dressed in a super warm sherpa jacket, jeans, boots and added a little glitz to my outfit with these Sugar Fix earrings. We ended up finding the perfect sized noble fir. I honestly thought that after having an artificial tree, I would never go through the hassle of getting a fresh one again, but this year reminded me that a new adventure and memories are definitely worth the little bit of extra effort. We got to adventure around the property with our family, get our boots a little muddy, take some photos and watch the boys cut down a tree that we were going to take home and decorate. It was also really nice to be reminded that everything doesn’t have to be so instant all of the time. Whenever we felt like decorating we knew we could just pull our box out of storage and get started. This year we had to plan a bit more and put in some extra effort and it turned into one of our favorite Christmas memories. What have been some of your favorite memories from this holiday season?



Earrings Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar for Target | Tee Old Navy | Jeans Old Navy | Sherpa Jacket Old Navy |Boots Hunter |

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Christmas Traditions

I hope you all are having yourselves a merry little Christmas so far! I know that at my house, the Christmas music is in full swing (when Alexa decides to cooperate), the outdoor lights are up, the house is decorated and the advent calendar countdown has begun! We’ve been sipping on holiday drinks, baking our favorite homemade snacks and just finished mailing out our Christmas cards. We’ve been trying to make the whole family photo Christmas card thing a yearly tradition, but it’s typically ended up being an every other year type of thing. We have managed to get them out two years in a row now though, so go us! It’s the little things, right?!

For the holiday season, we will usually choose something to do that we have never done before. So far since Thomas and I have been together, we have done the following Oregon activities, listed from North to South:

The Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights

Zoo Lights

Peacock Lane

Christmas in the Garden at the Oregon Gardens

Christmas Ship Parade

Keizer Miracle of Christmas Lights Display

Magic at the Mill

Storybook Land

Pastega Christmas Lights

The Nutcracker at the Eugene Ballet

Other activities for my future list

Oregon Symphony Christmas Production

Historic Homes Christmas Parlour Tour

Paint & Wine: Holiday Edition

One Horse Open Sleigh Rides

Holiday Express Train Ride

Aside from all of the fun activities, we also always bake homemade Chex mix, watch a couple of Hallmark movies throughout the month, have holiday themed game nights, and there are usually a few Christmas parties thrown in here and there! We also always host a Christmas brunch with cinnamon and orange danish rolls, hash browns, eggs and bacon. We open one gift on Christmas Eve (PJ’s and a book or movie), spend Christmas morning together at our house and then head to the in-laws for an all day event. When we come home we open stockings and then just hang out for the rest of the night. I am super excited this year because I have the day after Christmas off for a little bit of extra relaxing and family time. What are some of your family holiday traditions or must do events for the Season? I hope everyone has a happy holiday!



Jacket: Old Navy | Jeans: Judy Blue | Shoes: Converse | Bodysuit: Gap

Merry Kitschmas Gift Guide

Happy Holiyays! I decided to put together a Merry Kitschmas gift guide to help make it a little easier to shop for all of your favorite girls. It includes all of my must-have hair and jewelry obsessions from Kitsch. Below you will find the cutest marble hair clips, matchbook bobby pins, and necklaces that you ever did see, and if you are anything like me, “Santa” may be dropping some Kitschmas gifts off under my tree.




Bracelets | Wishing Bracelet |The Future is Female Cuff |

Rings| 5 Pack Stackable Rings |

Earrings| Boho Studs |Simple Micro Hoop

Necklaces Guiding Gems Necklace Set |Stars and Moon Vintage Locket |Horoscope Sign Necklace |Wishbone Necklace | Beyond The Stars Set |


Marble collection | 3 Piece Set Marble Claw Clip | Matchbook Bobby Pins | Marble Bun Pin | Marble Pony Cuff | Matchbook Elastics |

Astrology Collection | Hair Coils in Rose | Teardrop Bobby Pins | Astrology Hair Ties | Gold Claw Clip |

Let’s Get Cozy

Now that the rain is here and the holidays are near, it’s time to get cozy, sip on some hot tea (or wine), turn on your favorite tv show and cuddle up with your favorite fluff ball.

This months Ellie Box included a pair of super soft criss cross leggings, a long sleeved white mesh top, a cozy wrap that you can wear and pair several different ways and two pressure point relief massagers. I am personally loving the wrap this month and reach for it every time we spend a cozy night in, which is quite often during the rainy Oregon months. I enjoy being able to lounge around the house, popping some air popped popcorn (the best!), sipping on hot tea and getting cozy with my malti-poo fluff ball Petie, all while catching up on the TGIT lineup. You’ll pretty much always catch me in some sort of Ellie Box combination when I’m at home and this month, I definitely have this cozy wrap on repeat. I have even dressed it up with jeans and a tee… I can’t help it, it’s just so comfortable! What are some of your favorite stay-in activities? Isn’t it just so nice to just relax sometimes and have absolutely nothing on the agenda to do?

P.S if you’re still thinking of getting the Ellie Box it is currently 30% off for the Black Friday weekend. Click here and use code FRIDAY30. If you are reading this later, you can still get 15% off will code RACHELREISS15.



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Maroon and stripes

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who will buy multiples of an item that I love. There. I said it. There’s no shame here people. I’ve bought multiples of shoes, dishes, makeup, clothing and the list goes on and on. When I find an item that I absolutely love, I obviously buy it, but not just one. It’s like FOMO, but for material possessions. Take this cardigan for example. One cardigan.. two cardigan.. three cardigan….four…. Yes, somehow I have accumulated four of these things. I think I have them in every color at this point, maroon, black, light gray, dark gray (and don’t even ask me about the striped tee). I do tend to do this with more practical items like a pair of really good heels or a creamy foundation in the perfect color. I mean, It’s not like I’m over here hoarding puppy surprises or anything. Do any of you do this multiple buying thing too? Or is this just another quirk of mine to add to the list?

Anyways, back to the outfit. I paired this super soft black and white striped tee under a long maroon bouclé cardigan. I went with a pair of dark distressed denim with fraying along the hemline and paired them with some black Sam Edelman boots. I love these boots because they have a short heel in a pretty wood color that add a unique twist to them. All of these pieces can easily mix and match with other jackets, sweaters, denim etc and should definitely be a closet staple. I finished off this look with some dainty bracelets and a pair of gold leaf earrings, that are perfect for fall.

So, now that we know I have four of these cardigans and an unmentioned amount of tees… should I even divulge that I almost bought these same boots last week, but in a pretty sand color? Don’t worry, I didn’t… or did I?



Bouclé Sweater Old Navy | Striped Tee Old Navy| Denim Macys; Pink Celebrity | Boots Marshall’s; Sam Edelman | Earrings Etsy| Sunglasses Kate Spade