My Top 5 Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the questions that I get asked the most is which Health and Fitness Apps I use on a regular basis. Now, I of all people definitely know that everyone has a different lifestyle and what may work for one person, might not work for another. In my own health and fitness journey, I’ve gone through several different phases. I’ve gone from a gym rat, to a stay at home mom who would work out in her living room, to a busy working career woman who is always exhausted by the time I get home. What I have learned through each phase is to take advice, try out lots of different things, and find what works best for me. After several years, I have found that these 5 apps are my tried and true, and that I seem to return to them over and over again:

My Fitness Pal: This is the app that I use when I really want to get back on track. Counting calories really helps me see what my daily intake is and gives me a better perspective on what my portion sizes should be. It helps me realistically look at food as fuel and how to better my  daily nutrition. One of the things that I love about My Fitness Pal is that you can post progress photos to keep you motivated and they also have some really great articles and recipes within the app to try as well!

Apple Fitness App: For the longest time, I had a Polar watch that I would track my heart rate with. I made the switch to an Apple watch recently and have never looked back. Within the fitness app, you can track your daily activity, your workouts, heart rate and calories burned. You can also keep track of how many miles you have walked or ran during each session. This watch motivates me to keep moving during the day and there’s no better feeling than getting those activity rings closed throughout the day, am I right?!

Music App: You have to have some sort of music app to keep your workouts going strong. Whether it is Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify or a YouTube account, this is an absolute must. Put together a workout playlist with your favorite pump up songs to keep you turnt up. You’d be surprised what a playlist can do to keep your heart rate up!

Pinterest: This App is so full of inspiration!  You can pin everything from cute workout apparel (like the Ellie Activewear April collection I am wearing below) to deliciously healthy recipes and meal plans, to new workout regimens and inspiring quotes. There are even guides for local hikes to add to your bucket list. You can also sort everything into different categories to easily go back and find that pin once you have saved it. Happy Pinning!

Sworkit: This is a great App for on the go. If you don’t have a ton of time or any gym equipment, this is a good App to get you moving. You can choose different types of moves that you want to do, along with the amount of time you have to workout and boom, a quick but effective workout right in your hotel room.

There you have it, my top 5 apps that I use on a regular basis. Do any of you already use these apps or have any thoughts on them? I would love to hear what apps that you use on a regular basis!



Outfit: Ellie Activewear April Collection


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Heart yourself: 5 ways to encourage self-love in your life

L’amour de soi



self love

One of the most important things we can do on a daily basis is to show ourselves some love. Sometimes we get so caught up in the happenings of life, that we forget to be in a relationship with one of the most important beings in our lives…OURSELVES. I know it sounds ridiculous and maybe a little narcissistic, but honestly; if we can’t be in a loving and nurturing relationship with our own self, how in the world are we to show someone else those qualities? There ain’t no faking it until you make it in love, especially with yourself.

So, what are some different ways you can start to show yourself some self-love? Here are 5 ways to start incorporating them into your daily grind.

1. Nurture Yourself

Remember that you are in a relationship with yourself. If you never take the time to nurture that relationship, how are you going to nurture others? Fill your mind, body and soul with uplifting things. Take notice of the things you do well instead of criticizing the ones you need to work on. Write yourself encouraging messages or put bible verses on your mirror, find healthy meals or snacks to energize your body. Take interest and further explore the things that nurture your soul.

2. Treat Yo’ Self

I love to treat myself to different things throughout the month, whether that be an at home pampering session with a bubble bath and mask after a long work day, a mani-pedi, a coffee treat or even a shopping trip. Find things that make you feel good and take yourself on mini dates. Maybe for you that’s a rock climbing session or a day trip to your favorite museum. Whatever it is, find time for it and put time into yourself.

3. Protect Yourself

Another way to show yourself love and respect is to set boundaries not only with yourself, but with others. So many people have that “people pleaser” mentality. While wanting to help others isn’t a negative thing per se, know your boundaries and stick to them. If it comes down to it, don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by saying no. Unfortunately, sometimes people need to be told no. Show them that you know your worth and your limits. If you’re not comfortable doing it, then don’t.

4. Find Your Tribe

Search for the people that bring encouragement and laughter into your life and distance yourself from the negative ones. Being around friends and family that genuinely care for you and your well-being is such an amazing feeling. Surround yourself with your tribe and know that it is ok to have different friends for different things. Everyone is going through a different season in life and may be able to give you different insights to things such as interior design, hiking adventures or more serious issues such as marriage or parenting. Surrounding yourself with a tribe that is encouraging and supportive to one another is powerful . Make time for the important people in your life and be sure to lift them up as well.

Find Your Happy Place

Find the things that make you happy. What are some activities that always lift your mood? Is it yoga, hiking, cooking, zoning out to the television? For me, it’s working out. When I don’t do it I am cranky and irritable. It’s my one hour a night that I put in the work. My earphones go on, my mind zones out and it’s nothing but pure bliss for that one hour. Taking the time to be in your happy place, even if it’s only for an hour is what keeps you sane. Spending that time on yourself is what helps you become a better daughter, friend, spouse and mother. If you are so busy taking care of everyone else, who’s going to take care of you? No one knows you like yourself, so find your happy place and gallivant there.

Being able to show yourself self-love will affect every other aspect of your life. With self-love comes self respect, confidence and a more present self awareness. Find the things that make you tick and go for it. Show yourself your worth and don’t be afraid to let go of the people who may not see it along the way. Find your happy place and travel there often. The more love you put into yourself, the more you will be able to give in all of the other aspects of your life.

What are some ways that you show yourself self-love? Leave it in the comments below!



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Thank you to Ellie for sponsoring this post. I decided to post about self love on this particular post because Ellie is always encouraging you to be your best self. No matter what your goals may be, always do it for you first.

Ellie Rewind

Well guys, it’s officially 2018! Where did the year go?! The last couple weeks of 2017 were super busy with friends, family and holiday gatherings, so I never got around to posting the December Ellie box. Luckily, Ellie now offers past collections on their website for purchase, so don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! You can find all of the past collections from this year, including December here and don’t forget to use my code RACHELREISS15 for an extra 15% off!

For the December collection, Ellie went with a black and white color palette with a pretty pop of cobalt blue. I wasn’t so sure how the color would look on me, but I ended up loving it! What’s even better is that it looks amazing on everyone that I have seen wearing the collection. The pants are also super slimming with the design down the side and I loved that it came with a crop style top. I also received a black sports bra and for the accessories, a jump rope (my favorite exercise) and a hot/cold clay pack! I was super excited about the accessories this month and have definitely used them a ton! What is your favorite item from the December box? Have any of you purchased previous collections from their website yet?



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August Ellie 

Happy August! This month, I received Ellie’s NEW 3-pack box, which includes ONLY their hand-picked apparel. I really love that they are now offering an apparel only box, which is perfect for those of you with gym memberships or already too much equipment at home to count. For their new box, you will receive a sport bra, workout pants, a unique top and a pretty little rose gold bag, all for just $39.95. 

I am so in love with the August outfit! When I first pulled the top out, I wasn’t too sure about it. It looked super sheer, but once I put the whole outfit on, I absolutely loved it. It offers just enough coverage and pairs really well with the high waisted pants, which are definitely my go-to style right now. They are also a really good quality and have a bit of compression to them (another plus!). The mesh detailing down the side of the leg is also super cool and the sports bra design really pulls the whole outfit together. Oh, and did I mention the rose gold bag? Diiieeee! I would get the box just for that alone! I have worn this outfit about four times now since I received it, and I want to mention that the top is actually super comfortable to workout in. It’s been so hot here and I normally workout in our garage, which can be about 80-90 degrees. The shirt stays really breezy and the moisture wicking technology on it is amazing! You can also tie it up in the front and it looks super cute. Ellie definitely knows how to pick their outfits to keep you cute and comfortable while continuing to motivate you on your fitness journey. 

Also, I want to mention that The 5-pack box option is still available (49.95) and I would say it is definitely a better option for those of you who do enjoy working out at home (me 🙋🏻).  Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about sizing and I’d be happy to help you out!!



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July Ellie Box Review

Happy July Everyone! A new month means a new Ellie box, and I am super excited about this one! If you haven’t heard of the Ellie Box, it is a monthly subscription delivered to your front door that contains activewear! It typically includes a trendy workout top, pant, super cute sports bra and two accessories. This has quickly become one of my favorite splurges every month and it definitely hasn’t disappointed for July!

This month, I received a two-toned coral tank, a sports bra, black and coral capri pants, an ab roller, colorful hair ties and a cooling towel. Its so fun having items sent to you that you might not typically pick out for yourself. Last month, I received a waist pack that I thought I would never use and now I literally run with it everyday. The outfits are always colorful and fun and I always get compliments when I wear them out. I mean who doesn’t want to be trendy AND cute while sweating it out? The sports bra and tank combos are definitely my favorite. They’re super comfortable and are always eye catching and unique. Do you want to hear something really crazy though? I was actually at a local store yesterday and found the exact same tank that was in my box. It was $40! I decided to do some research to see how good of a deal I was really getting with the Ellie Box. To purchase everything separately would cost me about $150! That’s definitely a deal in my book for cool trendy pieces that I can mix and match! Don’t forget to check out the photos below of all of the pretty detailing and if you have any questions about sizing feel free to message me! 

Also, if you want to get $10 off your first box you can use my link here! Have an awesome July everyone! 



Thank you to Ellie for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors! 

You wear, we wear, Elliewear! 

I fell off the wagon, specifically, the workout wagon. It happened about a year ago when I went from being a full time, stay at home mom to running my sister’s dental practice. After I had my daughter Aubrielle,  it was really hard for me to get motivated to lose the extra weight. It took me about three years of eating nachos and drinking Dr. Pepper to finally decide to do something about it. I specifically remember one morning waking up and just feeling exhausted. I didn’t understand it. My body was sore, I always felt sluggish and just plain unmotivated. I literally said out loud “I can’t do this anymore. I never want to feel this way again”. I decided that day was going to be the day that I would start working out. Fast forward three months and I was a completely different person. It was like a cloud had been lifted and I was radiating sunshine all the time. I was down 25 pounds, always ready for a challenge and just felt plain happy. Ive been able to maintain this lifestyle, all things considered, but since I started working full time again, I’ve been struggling to maintain my routine. Luckily, I’ve finally found a little motivation. It’s called the Ellie Box

The Ellie Box is a monthly mail subscription that sends you five items right to your doorstep, all in a pretty little rose gold box. It always includes a pair of pants, a sports  bra, top,  an Ellie bag and two various items such as equipment or accessories. For the month of June, I received a cap and waist pack as my accessories. The tank and bra combo was super stylish and I loved the color and pattern of the pants. The quality was great and the sizing was perfect and super comfortable (I went with a medium). As soon as I get home from work, I throw on my Ellie outfit, hang out with the family and then go on my nightly run. I love stylish workout outfits and this one is no exception. I literally feel cute while I’m running (is this real life?). I also love that you can skip boxes at anytime, even if you are on a monthly plan and that the shipping is completely free. I will definitely be ordering more Ellie boxes in the future and I’m loving this new found workout motivation it has brought me! Now tell me, what is your biggest workout motivator? The clothes, the endorphin release, the weight loss…..all three? 



Use my referral link to get $10 off your first box click here. Find the Ellie Box here

Thank to to Ellie for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors!